About Rich In Deeds
Our Mission

Rich in Deeds is designed to make it easy for people to do the right thing. We firmly believe that people are inherently good and that given the choice they will choose to do the right thing. This is the drive that will change the world. Sometimes it’s hard to see, but there are great people in the world wanting to do great things.

And that great person is you… how do we know that? Because you are here. You've found your answer. Let us make it easy for you.

How we do it

For one low fee, charities register with us. We check to make sure they are legitimate IRS recognized charitable organizations you can trust and make their profiles public in our database. From there, donors and volunteers can find giving & leadership opportunities – goods, event attendance, services or time – by searching for category, location, name or need.

Why Rich in Deeds?

Rich in Deeds is the answer to the questions: "How do I know what the right thing to do is?" and "How can I contribute my time, my experience, my money?" We provide a database of answers: to provide the knowledge of what to do and the ease and reliability of how to do it. However you want to get involved, we facilitate that. It’s your choice.

We want to be an agent of change. We want to be your agent of change.